The Correlation of Money and Gambling

Minimal interpretations of gambling are shown in the sociological literature, which, acknowledge gambling as it appears atypical – or a cultural abnormality reactive to a context of detriment.

A ‘backway’ interpretation of gambling has been contemplated by various observers.

Gambling is reconsidered to provide a kind of exit from the usual activities and boredom of modern mechanical life in which the sense of creation and the predisposition of workmanship has been gone.

Taking a risk defeats routine and hence, is pleasurable.

It goes on to mention that the chance element is maintained by specific types of social systems, particularly those which base status on streetwise, pecuniary standards.

This certain type of view accompanies the fact that gambling represents a safety channel. Instead of turning their backs against the prime source of their detriment and discontented aspirations, bettors are at rest through gambling of some of their dissatisfactions and, hence, are less likely to combat the concrete class structure.

Another evaluation is that gambling maintains a hope for social advancement among people who are not less capable of achieving their desires through accustomed avenues.

A study of plebeian clients of a tavern bookmaker, expressed that gambling occasionally permits gamblers to beat the system through logical means and thus allows them to exhibit to themselves and their contemporaries that they can manipulate and that for a brief moment they can dominate their fate as well.

Off-track betting, denies the inconsistency of life and gives these men a chance to adjust it.

While these findings attempt to put gambling into proper social contexts, light treatment is evident to the differences in gambling behavior among many types of players.

On the other hand, the use of money, in the condition of gambling institution, is basically to exhibit the decision-making process.

It is hard to determine the terms under which money is fundamentally an end in itself or a way to other ends – no doubt it is usually both.

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