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– Wait, wait. Don’t go nowhere. – What? – Stay away from the ghost now. I told you to stay away from it.

♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Marlhy, what video games do you play? – I usually just play Lego games. – When I was six years old, me and my dad played Lego Batman a lot on the PlayStation. – I don’t play many video games. I’ve really only played Mario Kart.

I actually take first place sometimes. – I still play Fortnite and I’ve been getting into Overwatch lately, a little bit of Black Ops 4. – (FBE) How often would you say you play video games with your parents?

– I used to play video games with my parents when I was a little kid, but not anymore. – (FBE) Well today, we’re actually gonna have your parent play video games with you. – Today?

Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s so exciting. I was wondering why the chair was here. – Oh my God, you’re joking.

– (FBE) Your parent is going to show you how to play their favorite video game from when they were a kid. – All right, I’m interested to see what that’s like. – Hey, hey, what’s happening?

– What’s up? – How you doing? Good to see you. – You too. – You know this game? – I do know that game.

– This is Tecmo Super Bowl. I believe it was like 1983 or 1984. – What is this? – This is awesome.

– This is some old school stuff. – We are gonna play Pitfall. It’s for the original Atari system. – I’m gonna try to show you guys how to play Pac-Man on the Atari.

– Wanna show Anahita Frogger from 1982. – Frogger? Is that the one with– where you have the frogs and you’re running in the street? – Sonic the Hedgehog on original Sega Genesis. Oh man.

Oh, I’m so excited. – I feel excited, but kinda nervous at the same time, ’cause I’ve never played this before. I don’t like being bad at stuff. I like succeeding. – This has been a long, long time.

If I got them 30 years ago, no problem. Today, we’ll see. – We’ll see because I would like to say I’m pretty good at video games and confidently, I can say I can pick up any game pretty quickly.

– All right, this is an Atari 2600. This is one of the very first at-home gaming consoles. – It literally looks like one of those barbecues that you take to go camping.

– Sega Genesis, 16 bit. I remember when this thing first came out. It was revolutionary. – You’re used to playing games with CDs, DVD whatevers. This is what we had to deal with and they get dusty and so… (blowing) That’s how you make it work. Putting it in.

– Wouldn’t that just blow the dust into it more? – Theoretically, no. – This metal toggle switch, you flip that up and there it is.

– Oh my God. – Yeah. Isn’t that amazing?

– No fancy intros, nothing like that, right? We’re just in the game. – This looks so weird. – It’s been a long time for me, but I hope I can take you down. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna have the parents go first to teach the teens how to play, but you guys are gonna see who’s got the high score by half time, so go ahead and pick a team. – All right, so I don’t really know anything about football now.

I’m just gonna choose the Steelers. – We’re gonna go with the San Francisco 49ers. – All right. – Punch the button. – (beeping) – Oh my goodness.

– So, as you’re going through, you want– I keep going through those sticks, but they are to help you get away from the ghosts. – So, I’m gonna toggle right. Good and then jump button. – (beep) – You hear that amazing soundtrack? – Oh, a nice little noise.

(imitating beeps) – You have to basically go up, down, left, right. You’re controlling the frogs. What you wanna do is not run into the cars, obviously like that. – All right. – Bam.

– I think that was good. – I got a good kick. – Damn.

Touchback. – There was a way you could speed up, but I’m trying to figure it out. Let’s get it. – Yo, block me.

What the f– damn, my team sucks. – Oh, he’s so fast and you wanna jump on these things because you get extra ring things. – So you can only jump and run.

– Yes. Okay, there’s a trick to this. Ah. – Wow. – You go down into the tunnel. – So, what happens if you hit a log?

Do you lose points or something? – So, if you hit a scorpion or a log, you die and you lose a man. – Is there a specific direction you’re supposed to go?

You just started running back and forth. – Yeah. What? Dude, how?

– He was wide open. He dropped it. – I think I’m on my last life. – And you just– – And I ran right into him. You know those skills just die when you don’t play. – You gotta time it just right, so you’re gonna jump and he’s gonna grab it and swing, so watch this.

– Okay. – (beeping) – (imitating beeping) Sounds like Tarzan. – This was a skill game.

This is when games were all about skill. Yeah, when it turns blue like that, it’s about to go under the water and then you get into the slot and you win. – I’m gonna get the field goal. I can make it. – You gonna try a field goal?

– Yeah, I’m only at– I’m at 22 yards. – Go, go, go, go. – What?

– I think you got it. Nice job. – Let’s go. – Nice job.

– All right, now the alligator jump, so guess which way– when you wanna jump on the alligators. – When their mouths are closed? – That’s it. See, the intuitive graphics almost teach you as you go. – See, he’s trying to be funny.

– It’s all coming back. It’s like riding a bike. It’s definitely like riding a bike. – Yeah, you can do it.

And then these are little special things. Now I am invincible, which I think– yep, I can go on– oh, you can’t go on the spikes. You wanna play? – Sure. – You try it.

– All right. Oh gosh. – Go. – I’m trying. – Left, right.

– Wait, oh no. I was looking at the ghost. – Okay, I wanna try. – You gonna try it? All right.

You got the right direction? There you go. – Oh gosh. – Wait. – Oh God. I’m gonna turn up the volume.

– No, please no. All right. – ♪ (humming along to music) ♪ – Okay, so let’s just– – Nice. Clearing the logs like a boss. Look at that. And then drop and run.

– I mean, you know how competitive I am, so just gotta– okay. I’m just gonna keep on losing. – Wait, how do I run fast? – You just keep running, so go back over here. Yeah, start there and just keep going.

Just run. – Can you go up? Hold it, hold it, up. There you go, there you go.

– Oh, oh, oh! – Congratulations. – Oh yes, yes. Okay.

– That was exciting. – (whispering) Slow down. – What do you mean slow down? I got places to be, mom.

– Wait a minute, you know, we could have tried the tunnel, then all you have to do is jump over the scorpion. – You’re joking right now. – Go left. Oh no, it’s got a brick wall. Dang it. – Oh my God, so I have to ride the vine again?

What just happened? I hit the table. – Another thing about these consoles is they’re very delicate because sometimes, you get a little bit rough, you get this, so hopefully it’s an easy– just reset. – Get him, get him, get him. Oh no, no, no. Oh, fumble!

– Oh, what the [bleep], bro? – Go big. – (announcer) Touchdown. – Ah. – Yes.

– Wait, wait, don’t go nowhere. – What? – Stay away from the ghost now. I told you to stay away from him.

– I’m not trying to go towards him. – See, there’s a bouncy thing in that tree. – I would have known that before, though. You’re not telling me any of these things. – Well you know, it’s been like 20 years since I played this thing, so give me a freaking break. Ah, no!

You kinda run around and gather your rings, but they disappear really quickly. Oh, ding dong. Okay. Oh, okay.

So now, this is where it gets serious. – What is that? – That’s the freaking guy. What is his name? – (FBE) Dr. Robotnik.

– Dr. Robotnik? – Let me try. – He’s got a bone to pick with Sonic.

– Come on. Ah man. – You’re getting better right away. – Yours is triple 73. – I’ve played it once or twice. – Wa-a-a-a.

Oh my God. I’m failing right now. – Jump. All right, you got this. You got this. – Go out the top.

– Okay. Mom, I swear– she’s trying to sabotage me. – I was trying to help. – Dang, I’m actually– – You’ve still got another– yes, good.

– All right. I still beat her, so I’m content. – You have to just not get hit by his wrecking ball of doom. – Oh, so I gotta jump on him.

– What you do, you have to hit him with your body, but don’t hit that thing, ’cause that’s just gonna kill you. Don’t get hit– yeah. Can I try one more– game over?

– All right, we got one minute left. This is exactly– I’m gonna try for the long field goal. See what I got here. – You’re probably gonna make it. No lie. Dude, you got this.

– I don’t think I’m gonna make it. I think I should have punted. – What the [bleep] is that, bro? Man, [bleep].

This game sucks. – Ugh. – All right, so remember, you gotta go jump, jump, jump. Ooh, almost.

Get close, get ready. – Okay, wait, wait, wait. – Oh my God. You did awesome. You did so good. – Thank you, I tried.

I tried very hard. – It was. – I liked playing it with you. It was fun. – That was really neat.

– Yeah. – Jackson’s response to this is about as exuberant as I had expected him to be. – I don’t know what exuberant means. – Excited. – Oh, yeah. – So not as excited.

– Kinda predictable. – The minute I start playing this, I can imagine my dad playing it when he was younger. This was really cool.

– I’m really glad you liked it. – I liked it. Yay. – I love you. – Love you.

– Thanks for watching us play retro games. – On the React Channel. – Which game should we play next? – Let us know in the comments.

– Hey guys, gotta go fast. – See ya. – Hey guys, Ethan here from FBE.

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