Logitech G PRO Wireless: Working With Pro Gamers

During gameplay the pro should not be thinking about the mouse at all the mouse should just work. Everything that the pro does with regard to the mouse should be prior to the match. When it comes to mice, I switch constantly and I can tell you right now first hand that like you can tell like when when a mouse is good.

As soon as I put my hand on, it it feels like a mouse that I’ve used before or mouse that I’ve used actively and it felt very comfortable right away. When I first had the pro wireless mouse in my hand I didn’t feel any resistance at all and it was really light So I was feeling like I can do whatever I want with the mouse. The weight of the mouse is an incredibly important factor for all gamers not everybody likes the same weight. but one of the things that we found over the course of developing mice for pros is that lighter tends to be more preferred. Prior to using the pro wireless mouse, I generally use heavier mice and I think that had a tendency of over activating my shoulders and traps. Makes my shoulders and wrists exhaust a lot quicker than I would like them to play in the game.

Even a 10-gram difference in the weight of the mouse that you’re moving can make a difference in terms of fatigue at the end of the day. So to reduce the weight of the mouse we usually meet in all engineering disciplines. True extensive accessing and feedback from the pros. We removed any features they didn’t want and we improved upon and reduce the weight of all the features they did want. But best thing is that they doesn’t have anything I don’t like that’s what I want. Nothing else and nothing more.

So this was the big challenge here is to make it stiff and strong enough out of one millimeter wall thickness. while also making sure that they can pass the drag test. When we started working on our actual shape we quickly realized that the endoskeleton was the most suitable architecture this is because the endoskeleton brings everything inside closer together. And we worked very closely with the electrical engineers, to make sure that every part of the circuit board had a function. It’s starting with a number of components we put on the printed circuit board because the less components you have the lighter the mouse is.

This meant in the later stages we were actually literally just cutting away parts of the printed circuit board. Before the sensor was always the barrier to make something that is lightweight and cordless and performing. With Hero 16 K we finally were able to still get an exceptional battery life and to reduce the weight like never before we worked on especially what we called angle snap being on very sub-pixel movement. So we not only improved for the 16 K player we improve the so for the 400 dpi player because the small movement accuracy and absence of angle snapping has been really improved It is something we can measure but it is something we can feel as well. One millimeter left or right can really make difference in a game. When my gear is on point and I feel very comfortable with my gear I feel like nothing can stop me and I’m like basically like using an aimbot You know my hand is a cheat.You know at that point.

Light speed Wireless is a technology that’s exclusive to Logitech G and it’s fundamentally changed the way that people feel about wireless particularly in pro gaming. I definitely think Wireless helps you improve your games because of how the wire sometimes get tangled and gets in the way of your aiming With light speed we raised the bar to the highest level in terms of performance reporting at one millisecond in a very accurate way. We have esports athletes at the very highest levels in the most demanding esports winning tournaments using light speed wireless gaming mice.

As soon as I switched to wireless that was just a whole new world everything was so seamless and there’s no distraction there’s no oh this feels a little off or I need to adjust this it’s just once it’s right it’s right I don’t have to adjust anything and I can just put my absolute focus on the game. G pro is where it’s at this shape is just better. I think these are amazing. My first thought when I had my hand on to mouse is like when can I get it to my home so I can play with it. PLAY TO WIN logitechG™