Japanese Arcade Games FROM THE FUTURE 😱


So you don’t need to be in front of the game to play it. You can play it from your smartphone anywhere. We’re here at the Toreba warehouse today and we’re gonna try it out and see if we can catch something. So let’s go. The Toreba warehouse here in Japan currently has 411 crane games and over 1,000 prizes that you can win.

And as long as you have a smartphone or a computer, you can control these machines from, read the review and play online games anywhere in the world. Alright, so I opened up the app and I’m gonna be trying it for the first time. They have a whole bunch of prizes that you can choose from.

I’m gonna look through this and find one that looks interesting. So, I found this Radio-controlled giant ant and I think my cats would love this. So I’m gonna try and get this one. Here we go.

Wish me luck. Now playing this game is quite simple. You move it to the side and then you move it back. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

It does require some skill to know where to aim the arms in order to knock the price down. Skill that I apparently do not have. It moved a little.

Okay I think it has potential I think I can get this one. Here we go. Oh.

[laughs] [laughs] I’m getting there. I think this might be the one. Maybe you can push it. No. No.

No. [sighs] Okay. Alright. Could be worse. Oh!

[laughs] Yay! We did it guys we got an infrared radio control giant ant. So normally they would send this to your house. But since I’m here at the warehouse, they’ve given it to me. I can’t wait to play with this because they’re gonna love it.

They’re either gonna be terrified or they’re gonna love it. We’ll see when I get back to Korea. Look someone’s playing right now. There’s nobody here. There’s nobody here, but it’s moving https://twinfinite.net/.

All right guys our next target is this really awesome vegetable slicer spinner thing. I’ve always wanted one of these to make zucchini pasta. So really hope I can get it. I need to get one of those balls into that white hole.

So my friend Hiro got this one in three tries. So I’m gonna try and do it in two. We got to be better than him. Oh. Oh. I got a ball.

I got a ball. Come on ball I believe in you. [Laughs] Okay. Alright. Two at once. Okay, we’re gonna get it guys.

We’re gonna get it. Oh so close. Come on. [Laughs] So close. Okay two at a time.

Two at a time and just the white hole left. It’s gonna happen this time. Why? [laughs] Oh.

We got it! We got it. It happened. We’re gonna be making some delicious zucchini pasta when I get back to Korea. All right, guys, I’d like to introduce my friend Hiro.

He’s got a channel all about Japan. He speaks Portuguese in his videos. So if you’re a Portuguese viewer check it out.

We are gonna have a little competition and see who can be the first to take the next prize down. So, Canada versus Brazil, let’s go. We’re getting better at this. I’ve been playing for a little while now. I have hope. Okay, nice.

Nice positioning, Canada. Okay. Okay. [Sharla] Oh no! I’d say we’re about even. Skill level’s about even.

An even playing field. Okay guys. Gonna try a different technique. [Sharla] I don’t know. [Hiro] No. [Sharla] Good luck Brazil.

[Hiro] Here? [Sharla] Okay. [Hiro] And.

Here. [Sharla] Oh no not good. [Hiro] Yes! [Hiro] It’s too easy.

[Sharla] It’s okay. It’s okay. Alright guys, I think I’m all done for today. I did pretty well. I got a couple things. I’m excited.

If you guys want to check out the Toreba app yourself, I’ll have it down below in the description box and I’ll see you guys back in Korea. Alright guys. It’s time to test out the giant ant on the cats. I have a present. Present for you.

Wanna play? Wanna play? [Laughs] [Laughs] [Laughs] Oh my God. What are you doing? You’re gonna kill it. You’re gonna kill it.

[Laughs] Oh my God. [Laughs] I think this might end up being one of their new favorite toys. This went better than expected. [Laughs]