Getting Stuck In A Game

You’re gonna want to double down on true he can make a six or a seven with three but if he misses which most of the time he will right now he’s got a twelve he stuck with the twelve nothing you can do about it and he’s got four hundred out versus a nine another thing that people want to do it’s you know and this falls under the category of aggressive is do moves like splitting tens right where you know deal you know then you know everybody the table will probably kind of wince as you do it you split these tens now you’re looking for two tens are better now you’ve got a fifteen and then you elect to hit the fifteen he Luck’s out with the twenty all right but then you know this hand here he’s got a eighteen he’s behind. Find more about different types of casino games at CasinoSlots.

So you know if the dealer ends up making a hand then he will more than likely you know he’ll he’ll more than likely just push as opposed to you know if he would have won it straight out with the twenty and another thing you know falls under like aggressive plays would be splitting too often right so a lot of times you know people will you know like one it’s split a pair of sevens because you know they want to get they want to get more money out just for you know whatever reason right so now you know one hand that was like okay the fourteen but now instead now you’ve got a hand where you know it’s like you turn your one you know your one marginal hand now you’ve got two of them that you’re stuck with so inside you know he wants to hit the sixteen now he busts it’s like now he’s got a seventeen that you know that he’s stuck with you know what’s gonna happen now he’s hoping he had a nineteen he did he’s got a fourteen dealer draws to a twenty so now he just lost two bets all right by you know by splitting his sevens right and he you know he loses his bet all right.

And then you’ve got the guy who decided to split his tens right he loses one of them he pushes one so you know he could have just stayed and you know whatever would have went the cards would have won the cards but instead now he loses money and then the guy who was aggressive with his soft you know was saw 14 you know he ended up with this with his hard twelve you know he ends up losing as well so you know these are a lot of mistakes that that a lot of players make that you know I you know I like to you know try to help you guys avoid because you know mistakes like that cost you money and then you know then it and then it swings the odds even further in the houses favor you know in the earlier video we went over some basic strategy for blackjack.