Bermuda Poker

Bermuda poker is a solo version of the most popular card game, poker. Bermuda poker pits you, the player, against the dealer and you’re paid out according to the rank of your poker hand. The better your hand, the bigger your payout. Bermuda poker also offers a separate progressive jackpot bet for $1. If you play the progressive and your hand qualifies, you win big!

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At the beginning of each game you are required to place an initial bet, known as an ante. This amount appears on the betting circle on the table top.

  1. Select a chip value of either $1, $5, $10, $25, or $100.
  2. Click the betting circle until the number of chips displayed equals the amount you wish to bet.
  3. To reduce your bet amount, right-click the betting circle to remove chips. Your bet will be reduced by the amount of the currently selected chip.
  4. Click Progressive to participate in the progressive jackpot (optional). When you place a $1 bet on the progressive jackpot, a light appears on the coin slot in front of the betting circle to indicate that you have bet on the progressive jackpot.
  5. Click Deal. You and the dealer will each be dealt a hand of five cards. All of your cards will be face up, but only one of the dealer’s cards will be face up. No additional cards are dealt.
  6. Click Fold or Raise.
    • Choose Fold if you have a hand that you do not believe will win. When you choose Fold, the game ends with the dealer winning. You will lose your ante and can start again.
    • Choose Raise if you have a hand that you believe will win. When you choose Raise, your ante will double. Your ante is now called your bet. The dealer’s cards will be turned face up to determine the winner.

back to the topRules

Bermuda poker uses a one deck shoe.

If the dealer’s hand does not have a rank of an Ace-King or higher, the dealer fails to qualify and the game is over. Your bet is returned to you with double your ante.

  • Your ante is $20. You want to play your hand so you choose Raise. Your bet is now double your ante, that’s $40. The dealer fails to qualify. Your $20 bet is returned to you, along with double your ante, another $40. You are up $20.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies, it is compared to your hand. If the dealer’s hand is higher, you will lose both your ante and your bet. If the dealer’s hand is lower, you will receive twice your ante and will be paid out on your bet according to the payout schedule. The odds that your winning hand pays out are shown on the table top next to the betting circle.

If your hand and the dealer’s tie on rank, whoever has the next highest ranking card is the winner. If there is an absolute tie, you will get all your money back.

Once the game is over, you will have the chance to change your ante and begin again.

  •  If you do not have enough credits to ante or bet, or if all of your credits are non-refundable credit, such as bonus chips, you will receive messages to inform you of this. You can then choose to purchase more chips and continue to play.

Progressive Jackpot

You can place a $1 bonus bet if you wish to participate in a progressive jackpot. By placing an additional $1 wager, you have the chance to win even when the dealer does not qualify! Below are the winnings based on the optional $1 wager.

  • The dealer does not need to qualify for you to win based on the value of your own five-card hand.